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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sound Bath Healing Meditation

A sound bath doesn’t involve water. Instead, you are bathed in healing sound waves, bringing you to a deep meditative state.

Sound baths are considered one of the most deeply healing and restorative meditations possible, because of the deep state of relaxation attained in response to the sound vibration. Immersion in a sound bath leads to the release of stress hormones, lowers blood pressure and heals on a deep molecular level within the body. The sacred instruments also have a profound impact on the mind/spirit, as the physical sound vibrations entrain the brain to move from a beta to alpha-theta-delta deep meditative state.

Participation is effortless. The vibrational frequency does all the work. Chairs, pillows, mattress pads and blankets will be provided. Please bring whatever else you need to lie or sit comfortably for over an hour (extra cushions, padded support, eye mask, etc).

Daran Wallman will be using a variety of sacred sound healing instruments including: the didgeridoo, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, frame drum, gong and vocal harmonics balancing and clearing our energy fields.

BENEFITS! during a Sound Bath you can:

  • Relax

  • Rejuvenate

  • Quiet your mind

  • Connect with your Spirit

  • Restore your Health and well-being

  • Recover your bodies natural balance

  • Open to your insight and innate wisdom

LOCATION: Daran’s New Studio, 506 Old Greensboro Rd Chapel Hill NC 27516

DATE: Sunday, June 25 From 11am - 12:30pm


RESERVE YOUR SPOT HERE: Sound Bath Space Options



In preparation for a sound bath, it is recommended that you eat lightly and visit the washroom before settling down, you want to be as comfortable as possible.

There are NO KNOWN NEGATIVE effects, the sound and vibration are for health and healing. Our intention as we play is to be pure and clear channels for healing sound to flow through us for the greatest and highest good of everyone present. You are encouraged to lay down so that you can completely relax and LET GO, and receive the sound journey in an open state….allowing whatever happens.

During and after the sound bath, everyone’s experience will be different. Your experience will be subjective according to what you need. Try not to resist what is happening. There is wisdom within you that KNOWS what needs healing. Generally deep peace and stillness is felt after the sound bath, but you may also feel SPACEY for a while as you come back into 3D reality. It can take a while to “come back” and drinking water will help the “grounding” process. Our bodies are composed of 60% - 80% water. Drinking water after is very important to flushing out the toxins that are released during the sound bath.

NURTURE yourself after the sound bath. You may be feeling open and vulnerable, so respect this and take care of yourself in a quiet space. You will most likely sleep very well the night after the sound bath, as the healing sounds will have taken away some of the mental noise which we all have in our heads.

Feel better, Sleep better, Breathe better, by playing the Didgeridoo

For enjoyment and healing learn the art of playing the didgeridoo. The Zen of didgeridoo is a unique combination of breath therapy, meditation and expression. Daran Wallman, offers group and individual lessons playing the Didgeridoo and circular breathing techniques that can be used in other wind instruments.

Playing the Didgeridoo can alleviate the symptoms of sleep apnea, assist in resolving eating disorders, help with breathing issues such as asthma and emphysema, help heal addictions, increase mental focus and promote your health and fitness. People who snore have a 67% higher chance of having a stoke and a 34% higher chance of having a heart attack. Playing the didgeridoo is a joyful way to strengthen and tone the tissues of the throat and can also provide good exercise for the respiratory system.

The Didgeridoo has been implemented since ancient times to evoke enhanced states of consciousness for shamanic journeying and in ceremonial rituals. The deep, vibrational tones offer a unique and delightful experience for anyone who wants to explore the joys and benefits of playing the Didgeridoo.

Daran is a teacher for the Worldwide Sleep Apnea-Didgeridoo Network.


“Gordon absolutely LOVED the lesson – and I did too. Thank you so much for your patience, enthusiasm, and expertise. You are such a gifted teacher. We look forward to playing and practicing together and more lessons from you. Hugs of appreciation!!”
- Robin M. Poer, M.A.

“Daran is not only a master at playing the didjeridoo, but also an excellent instructor! His passion for helping others learn, and his positive and encouraging approach make learning the didj fun. He has an awesome ability to explain and demonstrate skills and techniques in multiple ways until you are able to grasp the concept. I highly recommend working with Daran if you want to learn to play the didjeridoo.”
- Kyle Kosey


  • Classes are 60 minutes.

  • Investment is $60 for an individual private class.

  • For a group class (you provide the group) up to three people, the investment is $75.

  • Feel better, sleep better, breathe better. Heal and empower yourself with this special offering of 3 one hour sessions for only $137.

  • FaceTime (919-951-5644) and Skype (Daran Wallman) Lessons are available for $1 per minute.



LOCATION: Sound Studio at Healing Earth Resources, 1403 E Franklin St Chapel Hill NC 27514

Buying a didgeridoo? Please contact me to learn which didgeridoo will best meet your needs.

Healing Sounds for the Heart Concert

Daran Wallman, an Intuitive Teacher and Healer will be using the didgeridoo, crystal bowls, and overtone singing, helping us to clear blocks to love, Intimacy and health.




Daran will be leading us through a sound healing experience where we will shift our vibration helping us to naturally access our own intuitive wisdom and guidance.

Location: Saint Anne’s Chapel 3244 McNair Rd, Tarboro, NC 27886

Date: This Fall TBA

Investment: $30 - $20 sliding scale

PRIVATE HEALING SESSIONS AVAILABLE at Saint Anne’s Chapel on Saturday, May 13. $100 for an hour session. Call: 919-951-5644

FINDING YOUR VOICE. A playshop in authentic expression

Finding your voice - A playshop in authentic expression

Learn how to communicate and express yourself … … so you can ask for what you really want and get it!

Many of us are unable to always say what we mean and mean what we say. Swallowing our words can lead to a big “pain in the neck”. We can feel we aren’t being heard, seen, loved or understood. Clear and honest expression leads to a feeling of congruency inside and out. We can speak up when it is important and get things off our chest without blame, shame or attacking. We can feel a lightness and clarity as the truth can set us free!

Edie Stuber and Daran Wallman will lead you through an afternoon of encouraging opening, clearing and healing your voice.

You will:

*Practice finding your voice with breathing techniques, playful sound making, toning, journaling, listening and sharing our voices.

*Relax into the day by receiving a sound healing session with crystal bowls, harmonic vocals, percussion and didgeridoo.

*Create your own clear intention and personal affirmation mantra.

*Exercise using your voice so you can be seen, be heard, be loved and be your Self in your life!




DONATION: $60 - $30 sliding scale.

PRE-REGISTER by emailing Daran:

Sacred Sound Healing Concert @ Won-Buddhism Meditation Temple

Sacred Sound Healing Concert: A Journey Through the Chakras

Daran Wallman will be using the didgeridoo, crystal bowls, and vocal harmonics balancing and clearing our energy fields, aligning us with the unified field of sacred sound. Edie Stuber will be guiding us through the chakras bringing us deeply into our own self discovery with her mystical healing vocals. Daran & Edie will be leading us through a sound healing experience where we can naturally access our own intuitive wisdom and guidance.

Please help us to honor this Sacred Space by participating in the suggested mindful practices that are posted, upon entering and leaving.



LOCATION: Won-Buddhism Meditation Temple 8021 Old NC 86Chapel Hill, NC 27516

DONATION: $20-$10 sliding scale.

The Donation Principle

We have been playing with the donation principle for many years and have found that there seems to be some confusion about what it actually means. People are often uncertain about what is appropriate or how much to give. We’d like to offer some ideas to help further clarify the donation principle. We have found it helpful to give a suggested donation amount for an event since the donation principle is so new and foreign to the western world. When considering an appropriate donation amount, people may give what they have paid for at similar events.

The suggested donation amount we make is to give people an idea about what is a reasonable and sustainable level of giving. This is an amount that if everyone gives, we can continue to share our gifts. Sometimes people see the suggested donation as a fixed price which they think they must pay and then they feel that they can’t participate in an event if they can’t give that amount. It is our intention for everyone to be welcome and have access to our events. Some can more easily share their abundance in monetary means, while others may give in other forms of offering like barter, service or simply their wholehearted participation and presence at our event.

We usually have a donation basket out at our events and we ask for everyone to generously share their abundance in whatever way feels the most honest and congruent. In this way, we all can participate and be truly welcoming to everyone. Thank you!