Didgeridoo Workshop. Feel better, Sleep better, Breathe better, by playing the Didgeridoo

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Learn the art of playing the didgeridoo. Daran teaches the “Zen” of didgeridoo as a unique combination of breath therapy, expression and active meditation. The deep, vibrational tones offer a unique relaxing and healing experience.

Playing the Didgeridoo can alleviate the symptoms of sleep apnea. People who snore have a 67% higher chance of having a stroke and a 34% higher chance of having a heart attack. Playing the didgeridoo is a joyful way to strengthen and tone the tissues of the throat and also provides good exercise for the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Daran is a teacher for the Worldwide Sleep Apnea-Didgeridoo Network.


Open to all playing levels (no experience required)

DATE: Saturday, October 7 From 1 PM to 2:30 PM

INVESTMENT: $20 If you have your own didgeridoo. $45 for the class and a didgeridoo that you can keep.

LOCATION: Daran’s Studio at Healing Earth Resources, 506 Old Greensboro Rd Chapel Hill, NC 27516





“Gordon absolutely LOVED the lesson – and I did too. Thank you so much for your patience, enthusiasm, and expertise. You are such a gifted teacher. We look forward to playing and practicing together and more lessons from you. Hugs of appreciation!!”
- Robin M. Poer, M.A.

“Daran is not only a master at playing the didjeridoo, but also an excellent instructor! His passion for helping others learn, and his positive and encouraging approach make learning the didj fun. He has an awesome ability to explain and demonstrate skills and techniques in multiple ways until you are able to grasp the concept. I highly recommend working with Daran if you want to learn to play the didjeridoo.”
- Kyle Kosey


Alleviate the symptoms of sleep apnea

Assist in resolving eating disorders

Help with breathing issues such as asthma and emphysema

Help heal addictions

Increase mental focus

Promote your health and fitness

Strengthen and tone the tissues of the throat

Exercise for the cardiovascular and respiratory systems

Evoke enhanced states of consciousness

Open joyful expression and playfulness

Cultivate mindfulness


Many of the benefits of playing the didgeridoo come from the unique breathing technique used called “circular breathing,” as well as simply breathing more than usual. In order to play the didgeridoo one has to breathe a lot. The more you breathe the better your didgeridoo playing gets. Since most people normally breathe very shallow the extra amount of air circulating through the lungs in itself is very beneficial.

Breathing is one of the most important aspects to our health. 
We also use breath to control our emotions - when we are scared we breathe in but we hold that breath and do not let it out. We do the same if we experience pain or anger and do not want to show those emotions. We control our emotions by controlling and holding our breath in.
 This is how those emotions become locked up in our bodies and eventually lead to dis-ease. In today’s society we are actually encouraged by social norms to suppress our emotions which makes the situation worse.
 Playing the didgeridoo forces the player to push air out of the lungs - a reversal of the un-healthy pattern described above.

There is evidence that cancer is often associated with low oxygen levels in tissue and evidence that asthma sufferers emphasize the in-breath but do not allow the air to go back out in a relaxed way. We have heard anecdotal evidence that didgeridoo playing has vastly improved those afflictions (as well as several others) for many people.

If you play the didgeridoo for longer than half an hour, you are likely to go into a trance like state. While playing the didgeridoo your brainwaves can go from a normal beta to an alpha state. With continued practice your brainwaves slow even further to theta and even delta states while playing for longer periods of time. Most people report becoming very relaxed and yet very aware, feeling at rest and yet being energized. 
This is very similar to the state advanced meditators describe. This relaxation, centering and energizing are obviously very beneficial for the player.

The Didgeridoo has been implemented since ancient times to evoke enhanced states of consciousness for shamanic journeying and in ceremonial rituals.

Buying a didgeridoo? Please contact me daranwallman@gmail.com to learn which didgeridoo will best meet your needs.