FINDING YOUR VOICE. A playshop in authentic expression

Finding your voice - A playshop in authentic expression

Learn how to communicate and express yourself … … so you can ask for what you really want and get it!

Many of us are unable to always say what we mean and mean what we say. Swallowing our words can lead to a big “pain in the neck”. We can feel we aren’t being heard, seen, loved or understood. Clear and honest expression leads to a feeling of congruency inside and out. We can speak up when it is important and get things off our chest without blame, shame or attacking. We can feel a lightness and clarity as the truth can set us free!

Edie Stuber and Daran Wallman will lead you through an afternoon of encouraging opening, clearing and healing your voice.

You will:

*Practice finding your voice with breathing techniques, playful sound making, toning, journaling, listening and sharing our voices.

*Relax into the day by receiving a sound healing session with crystal bowls, harmonic vocals, percussion and didgeridoo.

*Create your own clear intention and personal affirmation mantra.

*Exercise using your voice so you can be seen, be heard, be loved and be your Self in your life!




DONATION: $60 - $30 sliding scale.

PRE-REGISTER by emailing Daran: