The Donation Principle

We have been playing with the donation principle for many years and have found that there seems to be some confusion about what it actually means. People are often uncertain about what is appropriate or how much to give. We’d like to offer some ideas to help further clarify the donation principle. We have found it helpful to give a suggested donation amount for an event since the donation principle is so new and foreign to the western world. When considering an appropriate donation amount, people may give what they have paid for at similar events.

The suggested donation amount we make is to give people an idea about what is a reasonable and sustainable level of giving. This is an amount that if everyone gives, we can continue to share our gifts. Sometimes people see the suggested donation as a fixed price which they think they must pay and then they feel that they can’t participate in an event if they can’t give that amount. It is our intention for everyone to be welcome and have access to our events. Some can more easily share their abundance in monetary means, while others may give in other forms of offering like barter, service or simply their wholehearted participation and presence at our event.

We usually have a donation basket out at our events and we ask for everyone to generously share their abundance in whatever way feels the most honest and congruent. In this way, we all can participate and be truly welcoming to everyone. Thank you!