Sound Bath Healing Meditation at the Won Buddhist Meditation Temple

A sound bath doesn’t involve water. Instead, you are bathed in healing sound waves, bringing you to a deep meditative state.

Sound baths are considered one of the most deeply healing and restorative meditations possible, because of the deep state of relaxation attained in response to the sound vibration. Immersion in a sound bath leads to the release of stress hormones, lowers blood pressure and heals on a deep molecular level within the body. The sacred instruments also have a profound impact on the mind/spirit, as the physical sound vibrations entrain the brain to move from a beta to alpha-theta-delta deep meditative state.

Participation is effortless. The vibrational frequency does all the work. Chairs, meditation cushions and mattress pads will be provided. Please bring whatever else you need to lie or sit comfortably for over an hour (extra cushions, padded support, eye mask, etc).

Daran Wallman & Edie Stuber will be using a variety of sacred sound healing instruments including: the didgeridoo, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, frame drum, Rav Vast drum, Hapi drum, djembe, bamboo flute, gong and vocal harmonics balancing and clearing our energy fields.

BENEFITS! during a Sound Bath you can:



Quiet your mind

Connect with your Spirit

Restore your Health and well-being

Recover your bodies natural balance

Open to your insight and innate wisdom

LOCATION: WON BUDDHISM MEDITATION TEMPLE, 8021 OLD NC 86 CHAPEL HILL, NC 27516. For directions click: Won Buddhism Meditation Temple



CONTACT: Daran Wallman Text or phone: 919-951-5644 Email: