A grad of the Kripalu Yoga teachers training in 1994, Edie’s been practicing and teaching for many, many deep breaths! 😊

In a private class session Edie will lead you through a unique class designed just for you.

Edie combines:

Pranayama/breathing techniques

Yoga asana / Hatha yoga postures

Fascial release / stretching with props, rollers and balls

Savasana / meditation / relaxation

Each session is created specifically to support your needs, desires and goals.

Classes are fun and playfully choreographed to be rejuvenating and deeply restorative.

Sign up for a class and you’ll experience more relaxation, flexibility, focus, balance, and insight, feeling greater peace and ease in your body, mind and spirit.

*Edie teaches beginners as well as experienced practitioners.

Here’s a gift of peace for you!

Yoga is practiced by: