Our Philosophy

At Healing Earth Resources, we are dedicated to providing sacred space for healing and empowerment by offering tools you can use to cultivate greater awareness, embody loving presence and nourish your Body, Mind and Spirit. The resources we offer include:

Health Services

Our diverse therapist community offers modalities of touch, energy work, vibrational therapy, coaching and counseling. Read more about our therapists on the Who We Are page.


Healing Earth Resources hosts continuing education courses, events and classes for the general public on a wide range of topics including meditation and sound healing. Healing Earth Resources has a Lending Library that includes fiction, non-fiction and audio books, along with videos, DVDs and CDs.


As an official distributor of Ultimate Superfoods, we can be your source for the healthiest of dietary options including bulk cacao, goji berries and chia seeds.

Green Business

We proudly model sustainable business practices by selling organic and sustainably-made products, purchasing supplies and services from local businesses when possible, and using office supplies and paper products made from recycled and environmentally-friendly materials. We are also mindful of water and electrical usage in the course of daily business.


Take a moment to enjoy the beautiful gardens and grounds around Healing Earth Resources where we have created a serene haven for you to enjoy right in town.


We are proud to support local artists by offering beautiful works of art at Healing Earth for display and sale. Peruse the shelves and be inspired! Your therapist can help you with your purchase.


Healing Earth Resources hosts monthly events and gatherings that create community and strengthen ties among those we serve at Healing Earth Resources and beyond! We also support the larger community through donations to local organizations that provide goods and services to community members in need.