Edie Stuber

LMBT #644

Tel: 919-360-8680

Email: ediestuber@gmail.com

Working with Edie relieves stress, pain and limitations in your body and mind to help you experience optimal health and wellbeing.

Sessions with Edie include a combination of massage, sound therapy, aromatherapy, chakra healing, yoga, art and compassionate communication.

*Sessions can be in person or via phone, Zoom and FaceTime.

Treatment fee for 90 minutes is $145.

You can purchase your session in person using: cash, check or Venmo: @Edith-Stuber
To purchase online now click HERE

Please email or call Edie directly to schedule your appointment.


Edie has been teaching for more than three decades on topics including bodywork, the human energy field, yoga, mythology, spirituality and professional development. She is a master teacher and mentor who helps others connect to their innate wisdom.


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Theatre Performance (music and dance) from Denison University
  • Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
  • Graduate and former faculty member of the Chicago School of Massage Therapy
  • Yoga Teacher Certification from Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health
  • Graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, a four-year healing science program
  • Former faculty member of the Body Therapy Institute
  • Former Instructor of the Spirit of Learning Teachers Training Program with Carey Smith
  • Certified in Integrative Reflexology® with Claire Marie Miller
  • Sacred SoundWorks™ Intensive with Vickie Dodd
  • Healing Sounds Intensive® with Jonathan Goldman
  • The Spiritual Science and Cosmic Origin of Crystals Training with Dawn Silver, N.D.
  • Michael Harner Shamanic Healing with Dana Robinson
  • Aromatherapy Trainings with David Crow, Founder of Floracopeia
  • Certified in Nurturing The Mother® Pre and Peri Natal (pregnancy) massage
  • Active member of the American Massage Therapy Association since 1989


If you’re after real-real bodywork, you know, the kind that goes beyond physical into your heart, soul and all that is your life, go see Edie. She uses a host of bodywork and energy tools along with a well-honed intuition to lovingly guide you into all that you are. You’ll come out relieved, complete, and just a little more enlightened.
- Bonnie Hauser

Over the years I have had episodic problems with my lower back. When we moved to Chapel Hill I looked around for a good massage therapist to help when things flared up. Several people told me, “you need to see Edie” and eleven years later I am truly glad they did. It became clear in our first session that Edie was doing healing work on multiple levels. She knows kinesiology and how get to the physical sources of your discomfort but, more importantly, she has an intuitive sense of the “mind-body connection” and how they interact. I recently spent several, difficult years taking care of my elderly mother. It was exhausting, emotional and important work that I wanted to do mindfully and the time I spent on Edie’s table helped tremendously. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
- Bill OLuanaigh

Healing Earth Resources is a sanctuary, a place of rest and peace apart from the bustle of our lives. I feel it when I enter and hear the tinkle of a door chime that presages a delightful aroma greeting me as I cross the threshold. With a quiet greeting, Edie is invariably happy to see me—a response that is more than solid professionalism. She really is happy to see everyone. She delights in the fact that I have come to take part in the arts she practices. She conveys a sense of joy and mindfulness in all she does. Every session calms the storms that I bring with me when I arrived. Over many years, I have found her treatments to help center my awareness on what is true and important. Her skill is without peer. I recommend her without reservation.
- Dave Potenziani

For 15 years, it’s been Friday at 4 with Edie. I was usually wiped out from the week, or had some significant event to talk through. But no matter what I came into Healing Earth with, I left restored, rejuvenated, relaxed, and feeling honored and respected. Edie is a healer on many levels. She has also become a friend. Relax, enjoy, and rejuvenate.
- Dr. Edward Marshall

I have been a client of Edie’s for nearly two years and have been amazed by the changes in my body and mind since that time. Edie’s considerable skills as a massage therapist, energy worker and intuitive have alleviated my chronic back pain and insomnia and have given me more energy, balance and joy than I’ve ever had. Edie is a gifted, compassionate healer who is committed to helping her clients overcome physical and emotional challenges.
- Mary Beth Hernandez

Working with Edie for the past 5 years has proven to be a wonderfully healing experience for me … body, mind, and spirit. She is truly a gifted bodyworker who has a tremendous wealth of knowledge about human anatomy. At the end of each appointment, I leave her office standing taller, more erect, breathing deeply and smiling broadly. All the way home, my body is whispering, ‘Thank you, Thank you!’
- Linda Duda

I have been fortunate in my life to be able to experience worldwide a lot of approaches to massage, healing touch and related healing arts. While Edie Stuber’s range of skills and experience as a certified massage therapist become quickly apparent to anyone lucky enough to land on her table, even before surrendering my body to her hands the first time we met I was very aware of a far more profound touch from her energy—a receptive/listening, active/giving energy, like a giant radar screen that seemed to emanate not only through her gaze and smile but from the room and the windows and the sunlight playing through the trees outside, emerging through the crystals inside in ever shifting rainbows…an energy that felt universal in its roots, but warmly individual and personal in its touch.

And in her touch. Applied together, Edie’s massage and energy create waves of feeling and awareness through the body, lingering and continuing well after her hands have moved away. Even as pain is transformed and range of motion is restored, additional dimensions of bodily restoration and relief seem equally tangible… and not just bodily restoration and relief - very much mind and spirit as well.

In many cultures mystics and healers have been characterized by an ability to reach out to a wide population and yet make each individual feel deeply and directly addressed. Of the many skills Edie brings to each healing encounter, her ability to combine touch and energy tools with herself as a crossroads between forces of universal healing and individual client needs produces a very special effect, as I not only get to feel better, but I also get to watch as the angels hanging on the walls grow pale in the shadow of the radiance of the therapist herself.
- Mitchell W. Krucoff MD Professor, Cardiology/Medicine Duke University Medical Center

Words can not describe the splendor of a healing massage session with Edie Stuber, but I will do the best I can anyway: I have Asperger’s Syndrome, which I note first because I don’t love “touchy feely” and I am not big on a bunch of outward expression of affection. That I have Asperger’s is critical to this testimonial because I am also highly intuitive, and I have a keen radar for purity, goodness and delight. When I walked in to meet Edie for the first time, instead of having my arms crossed and my heart shut off, I was immediately wide open to the love and healing she had to offer, I even accepted a big loving hug. I have spent most of my life with my arms crossed and heart shut off (even though outwardly, I have always appeared as friendly as a puppy dog), so this is monumental as well. I have now had two massage/healing sessions with Edie and I fully intend to be a “regular.” My life has changed in ways that I never anticipated. First I bought a “love shaker” (charmed by Edie’s internet videos, click here to view yourself) which, much to my surprise, I use often and share with others. Then, I bought a love shaker for my mother, who reported to me this evening that she has been shaking love all over her house this past week, and she and my dad (her husband of 51 years) have never gotten along better. In addition to this peculiarly love-kissed behavior, I find myself drawing hearts all over my chalkboard in my office. “Who is this girl/woman Lindsay?” I have to ask myself. I don’t know for sure, as I know she is still under construction, but I have to say, I like her, and Edie was a big huge part of what opened that door for me. THANK YOU Edie! Love (I’m shaking it all over you right now, can you feel it?). - Lindsay, CEO Car Pal, LLC National Car Buying Service, MentorEngine, LLC Marketing Consulting Services and Director of Marketing and Community Outreach for Midwifery at WHA, Durham Women’s Clinic and Chapel Hill Obstetrics and Gynecology